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Mmeyou Holy Communion Crackers _ Wafers

 "Do This In

Remembrance of Me"

Enjoy Communion

Welcome to Mmeyou! Based in the Birmingham UK, we manufacture prefilled (all in one or separate) communion cups of red grape juice with a choice of packaged communion cracker or wafer. Our Vision is to serve the local church with great tasting and hygienically packaged Holy Communion elements made from 100% natural ingredients. Ideal for individuals, families, small groups, churches and online services. No matter how small or great your needs are, we are here for you. 

Why Mmeyou Holy ComMunion?

*No chemical preservatives in drinks. 100% Natural ingredients. 

*Up to 100% more drink (7ml of red grape juice per cup). 

*Long shelf-life. 8 months from manufacture.

*Choice of wafer or cracker.

*Complementary Gluten-Free Wafer (added to every pack free)*

*Recyclable plastic cups. 

*Express delivery (1-2 Business Days) flat shipping rate of £5.55*


Communion is intimacy between the Lord and His Church—hence the name Mmeyou, (me) and (you).


For weekly Church supplies of Mmeyou Holy Communion Elements, contact us HERE


100% natural ingredients: Red Grape Juice from concentrate with no additives or preservatives.


We can supply you with automated machines for holy communion production. Click Here.


Pre-filled Communion Cups

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