Mmeyou Holy Communion Crackers _ Wafers

 "Do This In

Remembrance of Me"

Enjoy Communion

Welcome to Mmeyou! Based in the Birmingham UK, we manufacture prefilled (all in one) communion cups of red grape juice with a choice of communion cracker or wafer. Our Vision is to serve the local church with great tasting and hygienically packed Holy Communion elements made from 100% natural ingredients. Ideal for individuals, families, small groups, churches and online services. No matter how small or great your needs are, we are here for you. 

Why Mmeyou Holy ComMunion?

*Zero preservatives in drinks. 100% Natural ingredients.

*Long shelf-life. 8 months from manufacture.

*Recyclable plastic cups.

*Choice of wafer or cracker.

*Free shipping for orders over £50:00 to UK destinations only.


Communion is intimacy between the Lord and His Church—hence the name Mmeyou, (me) and (you).


For weekly Church supplies of Mmeyou Holy Communion Elements, contact us HERE


100% natural ingredients: Red Grape Juice from concentrate with no additives or preservatives.


We supply UK and Europe. For outside Europe and the rest of the world, please Click Here.


Pre-filled Communion Cups