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Mmeyou Packaged Communion Bread and wine

How To Open The Mmeyou Communion Cups

Thank you for your recent purchase of the Mmeyou packaged Holy Communion. Here is a little video to show you how to open the cups.

The Packaged Holy communion cups combines the bread (Wafer or Cracker ) on top with the drink. 

Step 1. Hold down the silver foil with one thumb (left or right) and use the other thumb and to lift the film.

Step 2. Remove Communion bread. Wafer or Cracker.

Step 3. Place thumb just underneath the pull-tab of the silver foil, slightly on top of the rim. Hold the rim of the cup with other fingers

Step 4. Using other hand/thumb gently pull the foil from the cup. (to avoid spilling, don't hold the cup tightly as the Mmeyou cups are soft).

Please Watch Video Below.

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