Be Encouraged.

Ministry, calling, pastoring, preaching, and caring for the members of the church may seem demanding sometimes. Preparing for a sermon and delivering a ‘Word that will bless the church‘ may be overwhelming too. There are many things to do also behind the scenes. Video production, online services, streaming and social media, finance and church leadership, the list goes on.

God does not want you overwhelmed with the ‘to-dos’ of Church life. Instead there is only one thing needful amongst the many things we have to do.

This is the account of Mary and Martha in the gospel of Luke 10:38-42. Jesus visited the two sisters and we see Martha busy with many things while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus. One sister Martha was exhausted, and blamed her sister Mary for not helping. In response, Jesus said ‘Martha you are worried about many things. Only one thing is needful and your sister has chosen that and nobody can take it from her’.

There is only one thing needful. To sit at Jesus feet and receive from Him. Allow Him to feed you from His gracious words and out of that, you will be able to do the many things: meeting the deadlines, ministering to the church, pastoring, preaching, leading etc. Our Lord Jesus is here to serve you and everything needed He will provide for you, your church and loved ones.

Have a blessed week and know there is a constant supply of everything you need from our Lord Jesus.

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